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What We Believe

Customer service is very important to us and is the centre of our attention. We provide personalised and reliable solution according to your needs because we believe that the individual customer's needs are unique. Our professionals understand modern diesel injection systems, and they understand people who use them. In Euro 5 Common Rail, we believe in offering a total experience that perfectly meets your needs and you can be assured of the following advantages:

  • Top-quality genuine or aftermarket spare parts
  • Fair and competitive prices
  • Full market coverage for high pressure pumps and common rail injectors
  • Reliable and quick order processing
  • Top quality standards audited regularly
  • Expert technical advice from our repair partner whenever required

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose

Our Vision - To be the region's leading distributor for common rail and diesel injection pumps, injectors and parts.

Our Mission - To be our clients' ideal and reliable one-stop solution in common rail and diesel injection by constantly, continuously and consistently investing in People, Systems and Technology.

Our Purpose - To bring prosperity and wellbeing to our stake holders and society at large by providing high coverage, high quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions for common rail and diesel injection, thus saving the environment with least harmful emission.

Our Corporate Logo


Our logo is born in 2012 after much thoughts, designs and consultations. The logo has to embody our vision and beliefs, and every employee should stay true and be aligned to them.

The logo is an abbreviation E5, representing Euro 5. The wheel-shaped ‘E’ signifies our automotive business and intention to move forward in terms of growth and embracing the future. The 5 encased within signifies our aim to encompass ourselves with skills and knowledge to provide solutions for Euro IV and beyond diesel injection, while the colours green and blue depict coverage from land to sea. Most importantly, if you can notice, the smiley face is our belief in creating endless happiness from our employees to our customers.