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Established in 1946 in Czech Republic, Motorpal a.s. is an established manufacturer of injection pumps and fuel injectors. Emphasised in the concepts of Motorpal is the balance between precision, quality and keeping pace with the most advanced technologies. The company is a qualified OEM partner of leading companies in the car industry and engine manufacture, including Deutz and John Deere. Motorpal has also developed replacement common rail nozzles for Bosch and Denso and the following is a list of Denso common rail nozzles available: -

Stamping No.Denso No.
DLLA 155P 880093400-8800
DLLA 150P 815093400-8150
DLLA 147P 747093400-7470
DLLA 155P 863093400-8630
DLLA 155P 840093400-8400
DLLA 148P 817093400-8170
DLLA 147P 747093400-7470
DLLA 147P 788093400-7880
DLLA 150P 966093400-9660
DLLA 155P 1062093400-1062
DLLA 145P 875093400-8750
DLLA 154P 881093400-8810
DLLA 152P 947093400-9470
DLLA 145P 1024093400-1024